type safe templating


Jamon Programming Examples

This sequence shows examples of using Jamon to display progressively more complex content. The first example, of course, is a template that displays "Hello world!" By the end of the tutorial sequence, you will know how to use advanced Jamon features such as template inheritance, calling another template from within a template, and passing a block of Jamon text to be evaluated in another template.

While powerful, Jamon is quite terse in its syntax, so it is fairly easy to learn. Just work through this tutorial and find out for yourself!

  1. The "Hello world" template
  2. Templates with dynamic content
  3. Templates with arguments
  4. Escaping text
  5. More advanced Jamon tags
  6. Calling another template from a template
  7. Sub templates - functional decomposition of templates
  8. Template fragments - passing blocks of code to evaluate in another template
  9. Template inheritance - composing template output through inheritance
  10. Template inheritance - inheriting subtemplates
  11. Jamon Context - providing data to all templates at once